Transfer & the Technology of Art

There are a number of sketching apps available for the iPad, some of them quite impressive. I’m looking forward to exploring them in more detail over the holidays – just as soon as I learn to use my finger. Here’s… Continue Reading →

Technology’s Uneven Terrain

There is something about walking on grass. Or on a dirt road. Or any uneven surface that requires a nuance of balance and tactile awareness I don’t normally use on smooth paved surfaces or the hallways of buildings. I can… Continue Reading →

Vimeo Universal Player

I normally wouldn’t post this on Ideaplay, but you may have noticed that our output has dried up a bit in the last month or so (naturally coinciding with end-of-semester “fun”). As well, whether you drink the Cupertino Kool Aid… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of my iPad

OK, I’ll admit it: I initially purchased my iPad this summer because it was an opportunity to look cool. Sure, I justified it to myself with thoughts of it being an indispensable gadget as a new doctoral student … but… Continue Reading →


The iPad is really an amazing device.  I’ll admit to my initial skepticism (really? a giant ipod touch?), but since becoming intimately involved with one, I can also admit that I am in love. I find the whole phenomenon of… Continue Reading →

48 Hours with the iPad

As you’re all well aware, obscene amounts of ink has been spilled liquid crystal has been moved around with regard to this gleaming piece of obsidian recently erupted from the depths of Mt. Cupertino. In fact, this isn’t the first… Continue Reading →


Since apple’s big announcement and the unveiling of their latest creation I have been trying really hard to find the positive in the iPad, I can’t see a place for it in my life….so I turned my lens toward education.  Too… Continue Reading →

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