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Hybrid students and synchromodality

In addition to being a top-notch academic and research experience, the EPET program provides a number of opportunities that make our years at MSU particularly valuable. We’ve alluded to a couple of those, namely our close association with a fully-online… Continue Reading →

Tips for EPET abroad

EPET students and faculty are fortunate to have a number of opportunities for traveling to other countries during the years that they spend at MSU. Whether through the Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding, as an instructor for the MAET overseas… Continue Reading →

Mailing lists, newsletters and listservs … oh my

Last year, while I took The Intellectual History of Educational Psychology (CEP 911) and became interested in cognitive psychology, I signed up for the cognitive science listserv (at MSU). Also last year, I signed up to receive the TPACK newsletter…. Continue Reading →

Content Curators: News from MAET

Many of us in EPET have close ties with our sister program, MSU’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology. On her blog, Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf recently posted about a new instructional role on Team MAET: the Content Curator. MAET┬áteaching… Continue Reading →

Parents and Practica

Parenting in grad school can be crazy hard. Thus begins Andrea Zellner‘s latest blog post at GradHacker, and there aren’t many of us (whether or not we’re parents ourselves just yet) who would disagree with that. How does one survive… Continue Reading →

Inbox discrimination: an EPET story

To one extent or another, all members of the educational community are concerned with discrimination. In an ideal world, K-16 education is both a place that is totally free from discrimination and a place in which citizens are trained to… Continue Reading →

The Summer Ideaplay Renaissance

Today marks two months since the last post on Ideaplay, so both of our regular readers are probably now wondering what’s going on. We’d like to take this post to explain what our strategy was for last semester, where it… Continue Reading →

10 Hours of “The Song That Doesn’t End,” by Brak

This week’s Grad School Song of the Week is brought to you by Andrea Zellner and Dr. Matthew Koehler! Was spring break not quite long enough for you? Are you wondering when this semester is going to end? Are you… Continue Reading →

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