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New opportunities!

This week, we wanted to take a brief break to remind you about the opportunities available to you for sharing your productivity and other work advice. First, we’d still love to hear from you! Grad students all struggle with making… Continue Reading →

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Queen

Do you sometimes wonder whether grad school is really real life or not? Did you not mean to make your mother cry with your decision to go to grad school? Is your mantra “carry on, carry on, nothing really matters”?… Continue Reading →

“Just about enough time”

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Charlie Belinsky on the right kind of student to make friends with. Enjoy!

Always have a book

This week’s productivity advice comes from Liz Owens Boltz, who gives us the following time-saving trick: Have a book (or e-book) with you at all times, so if you’re stuck waiting somewhere (doctor’s office, bus stop, etc.) you can catch… Continue Reading →

“Sacré Charlemagne,” by France Gall

Are you sometimes so frustrated with school that you wish it had never been invented? Do you wish you could blame a single person for all of your grad school woes? Would your life be a lot easier if no… Continue Reading →

A Review of “Getting What You Came For”

Getting What You Came For offers, as the title suggests, advice on the most efficient way to power through a graduate program. It was written with the worst-case scenario program in mind, the one with departmental roadblocks, cohort competition, and… Continue Reading →

Low-hanging fruit

We all have a lot on our plates, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out when to get what done. First-year hybrid student Brian Arnold offers the following advice as his best time-saving trick: Pick all the low… Continue Reading →

“Tubthumping,” by Chumbawumba

Do you keep getting up again no matter how many times your dissertation knocks you down? Does alcohol play an important role in your grad school experience? Do you live in constant fear of being a one-hit wonder? Well, you’re… Continue Reading →

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