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Evernote as a “secret weapon.”

This week, Amy Peterson tells us about her favorite task manager: I recently started using Evernote for my to-do list. I borrowed heavily from “

“We’re Not Going to Make It,” by Presidents of the United States of America

Has this week been a pessimistic one for you? Have you been thinking that there are a “million better [grad students] with a million better [articles]? Are you just worried that you’re not going to make it? Well, you’re in… Continue Reading →

EPET Advice: TAs vs. RAs

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf on the difference between a teaching assistantship and a research assistantship:

Music, scribbles, and edits.

We’ve mentioned before that grad students’ favorite gadgets often aren’t what we’d expect. This week, Colin Terry tells us what he couldn’t live without (besides his phone and computer): Comfy, over-the-ear headphones; pen and paper; and track changes. Now might… Continue Reading →

“Word Crimes,” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Are you struggling with being (or dealing with) a proofreader? Is there a typo in a published article that’s just really bothering you? Have you made literacy your mission? Well, you’re in luck because the grad school song of the… Continue Reading →

IFTTT Recipes for Staying on top of EdTech (and more) Journal Reading

Written by: Leigh Graves Wolf Original source: IFTTT Recipes for Staying on top of EdTech (and more) Journal Reading I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a New Year’s resolution, but, I have been feeling very lax in keeping… Continue Reading →

Catch up when you can!

Every grad student has to figure out a sleep schedule that works. Jon Good isn’t necessarily happy with his, but, hey, maybe it will work for you. Here’s how he describes it: Terrible. Midnight or later until 6AM-ish. Seriously sleep… Continue Reading →

“Nerd Alert!,” by The Aquabats

Do people appreciate a warning when you and your fellow grad students enter the room? Do you sometimes think that “apathy became your enemy”? Do you feel ready to start a nerd revolution? Well, you’re in luck because the grad… Continue Reading →

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