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Catch up when you can!

Every grad student has to figure out a sleep schedule that works. Jon Good isn’t necessarily happy with his, but, hey, maybe it will work for you. Here’s how he describes it: Terrible. Midnight or later until 6AM-ish. Seriously sleep… Continue Reading →

“Nerd Alert!,” by The Aquabats

Do people appreciate a warning when you and your fellow grad students enter the room? Do you sometimes think that “apathy became your enemy”? Do you feel ready to start a nerd revolution? Well, you’re in luck because the grad… Continue Reading →

EPET Advice: Seeking assistantships

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf on when to start looking for assistantships:

It doesn’t need to be perfect, except when it does.

The start of a new semester is the beginning of new opportunities, whether they’re the day to day grind of assistantships and classes or major program milestones. This week’s productivity advice comes from Colin Terry who has a suggestion for… Continue Reading →

“Extreme Ways,” by Moby

Does the beginning of the new semester mean that “extreme ways are back again?” Are you sometimes worried about things just falling apart? Are there days where you just have to “close down [your] mind?” Well, you’re in luck because… Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with R

Written by: Joshua Rosenberg Original source: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with R All statistical software have a learning curve, and compared to SPSS, R has taken me more time to learn the basics. However, since learning the basics,… Continue Reading →

Shiny new toys?

Happy New Year and welcome back to your regular Ideaplay schedule! Many of us may have acquired some shiny new toys over the holiday break, so it’s a good time to talk about the favorite gadgets of EPET students. We… Continue Reading →

“These Are Days,” by 10,000 Maniacs

Has this semester been a particularly memorable one? Do you need a reminder of all the good times you’ve had over the past few months? Have you never had a semester quite like this and aren’t sure that you ever… Continue Reading →

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