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Airmail: an email client for OSX

What is it? Airmail is a versatile and customizable email client for Macs. It may be worth spending a little bit of time here talking about desktop email clients and whether they’re worth using. Except for a handful of professional… Continue Reading →

“Particle Man,” by They Might Be Giants

Flood February, inspired by Dr. Matthew Koehler, continues! On your bad days, are you a mess? Are you depressed? Do you feel totally worthless? (It’s not true, by the way – you’re fantastic!) Do you sometimes feel like making distinctions… Continue Reading →

“Birdhouse in Your Soul,” by They Might Be Giants

It’s Flood February, inspired by Dr. Matthew Koehler! Do you have at least one classmate, colleague, or teacher who’s “really not actually your friend, but [still is]“? Do you really respect people with more “practical” careers (like lighthouse tending) but… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Public Intellectual

You may have thought the short, in prompt to video taped question answer periods in pro-seminar were awkward and annoying, but those experiences can be helpful in developing your ability to become a public intellectual. These skills will help you… Continue Reading →

SMS hacks: Making your dumb phone smarter.

What is it? SMS. Texting. Though many of us remember the days before SMS became a regular means of communication, I don’t think I need to explain what texting does. The thing is, even though SMS has a history dating… Continue Reading →

“I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight,” by U2

This week’s grad school song of the week is brought to you by Sandra Sawaya! Do you feel like grad school is “not a hill, it’s a mountain”? Are you hoping that you’re “gonna make it all the way to… Continue Reading →

A pre-emptive pep talk on motivation

January might be too pessimistic a time to talk about losing motivation, but even if you’re still full of energy this semester, it’s not a bad idea to have a strategy for if you do hit a wall. EPET’s very… Continue Reading →

Apps aren’t enough: Routines and workflows.

What is it? I don’t think I have to go into a lot of detail explaining what a routine is and how it fits into a workflow. In fact, since I introduced this “column” promising to discuss the “computer, mobile,… Continue Reading →

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