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The Ideaplay Renaissance: Social Media

As Ideaplay continues to gear up for a new school year of exciting EPET-related posts, we’d like to remind you that you can keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook! As of today, our social media accounts boast a… Continue Reading →

Eating your veggies and reading your handbooks

Luke Rapa described in a 2012 ideaplay post some of the things research handbooks “do”: Articulate the history(ies) of our discipline, demonstrating the evolution of significant ideas and scholarship over time Highlight various, and often conflicting perspectives about issues that are central to our… Continue Reading →

MSU blogs worth reading

Our hope here at Ideaplay is that this blog will be one of your regular sources as you stay in touch with the world of EPET. There are, however, other great resources out there, and we wanted to use this… Continue Reading →

Bothering to blog

In last week’s post, we talked about conversations and Ideaplay’s hope that we can achieve enough critical blogging mass that conversations will be a regular feature of not only Ideaplay, but also the EPET blogging community as a whole. Blogging… Continue Reading →

Theoretical frameworks: an EPET conversation

One of our goals at Ideaplay for the past several months has been to hit a sort of “critical mass” where EPET students and faculty have started posting enough that we start responding to our colleagues’ posts and start a… Continue Reading →

Hybrid students and synchromodality

In addition to being a top-notch academic and research experience, the EPET program provides a number of opportunities that make our years at MSU particularly valuable. We’ve alluded to a couple of those, namely our close association with a fully-online… Continue Reading →

Tips for EPET abroad

EPET students and faculty are fortunate to have a number of opportunities for traveling to other countries during the years that they spend at MSU. Whether through the Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding, as an instructor for the MAET overseas… Continue Reading →

Mailing lists, newsletters and listservs … oh my

Last year, while I took The Intellectual History of Educational Psychology (CEP 911) and became interested in cognitive psychology, I signed up for the cognitive science listserv (at MSU). Also last year, I signed up to receive the TPACK newsletter…. Continue Reading →

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