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Here we go again, the recurring cycle of hype and despair around ed tech

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana (1905, p. 284) The Atlantic has an article titled “Why tech still hasn’t solved education’s problems” focusing on the failed promise of MOOCs and asks the question Why… Continue Reading →

Small time slots.

The weekend is over, and we’re all getting back to the weekly grad school grind. As we switch back to our weekly work mode, we may be looking for tricks to get just a little more done in a day…. Continue Reading →

“Blabberjocky on the fifth,” by Mishra et al.

Does your dissertation sometimes seem like a bizarre but terrifying monster? Do you sometimes wonder if you’ve climbed through a looking glass to get to this wonderland that is grad school? Do the journals you read seem suspiciously full of… Continue Reading →

EPET advice: being your own advocate

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some short but powerful advice from Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf on being your own advocate throughout your PhD studies. Enjoy!

“Evernote and internal guilt”

There is a countless number of “to-do apps” out there, and Colin Terry suggests Evernote, which gets a lot of attention on websites like Lifehacker. However, Colin also reminds us of the power of “internal guilt” to remind us what… Continue Reading →

“Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Do you get excited about networking at conferences? Are you just waiting for the right co-author to come into your life? Are you fearless about suggesting to someone you just met that you collaborate on a research project together? Well,… Continue Reading →

MAET Words: 123 creators – 1 cool video

This summer over 120 educators met in three different locations both here in the US and overseas, as a part of the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) program hybrid classes. The video below, visualizing a quote by Steve Jobs, was… Continue Reading →

Forward Progress

Today’s productivity advice comes from Ginny Hiltz, a third-year hybrid student who has this piece of advice to offer: Just keep aiming for forward progress toward your goals…to accomplish that, you have to be ok with the fact that not… Continue Reading →

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