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Maria Konnikova Thinks Blogging Can Save Your Dissertation

Maria Konnikova wrote an insightful piece in Scientific American back in April that rings true to our hearts. For those who haven’t read her SA blog, Konnikova is a doctoral student in psychology at Columbia, as well as a best-selling… Continue Reading →

Endless rewriting: What great academic advising looks like

Helen Hazen, is the author of 1983 book, Endless Rapture: Rape, Romance, and the Female Imagination. In a recent article in The American Scholar titled “Endless Rewriting” she recounts the way the book came to be and in particular the role that her… Continue Reading → – Google Glass Updates

It’s been two weeks since got word from Google that our application to become Glass Explorers had been accepted. In the meantime, there’s been a flurry of excitement, anticipation, and speculation as to who some of the other winners… Continue Reading →

Watching TV may improve your teaching!

TV show producers and advertisers have spent a lot of time and money perfecting a system maximizing the user’s experience, and good instructional design can easily capitalize on this organization.  Our goal of hooking learners and getting them engaged with… Continue Reading →

The Darkest Hour is Just Before Proposal Defense

As I’m nearing the end of my first year as a tenure-track faculty member, it’s pretty clear to me that the risk I took when I quit a secure government job, sold my house, and moved 700 miles away from… Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Doctoral Failure

Tara Brabazon, professor of media studies at the University of Brighton, has an essay in the Times Higher Education, titled How not to write a PhD thesis, providing her top ten tips for doctoral failure. Though the essay is geared towards dissertations in media studies… Continue Reading →

EPET @ SITE 2013

To showcase the MSU EPET experience at this year’s SITE conference in New Orleans, I put together this video highlighting main events from our stay there.  Happy viewing! MSU EPET SITE 2013 experience from Sandra Sawaya on Vimeo.

Reflections on Attending my First Conference (SITE)

I attended my first conference this week, for the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE) in New Orleans, LA. It was great, and like many great experiences, I happened to learn a lot. Here are some of the… Continue Reading →

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