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IFTTT, duct tape for workflows.

What is it? IFTTT, IF This Then That, is a web automation service. That’s a pretty broad term, but IFTTT is a pretty broad service. With the right combination of instructions, you can have IFTTT do anything from send starred… Continue Reading →

“I Am the Doctor,” by Murray Gold

Have you been looking for a victory song to play once you finally get your PhD? Will “Pomp and Circumstance” not command enough respect for your new title? Most importantly, are you looking for a song epic enough to get… Continue Reading →

Sandra Sawaya: Ghosts of Comps Past

After an intensive, three-day writing marathon, I am (hopefully) done with my comprehensive exam.  At the end of this, I can honestly say that it wasn’t that bad.  Yes, I had to write for hours on end but my biggest… Continue Reading →

My tragic love affair with notebooks: An introduction to [The Work Must Flow]

My name is Spencer, and I am a notebook fiend. During a family trip to Paris a year and a half ago, my wife and in-laws were most excited about seeing things like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or Claude… Continue Reading →

The Opposite of Tuesday

At breakfast recently, my youngest daughter asked me and her sister “What is the opposite of Tuesday?”  At first my older daughter and I chuckled and told her that Tuesday is not the type of thing that has an opposite…. Continue Reading →

Of garbage cans and psychological media: Remembering Clifford Nass

This has been a day of sad news from Stanford University. I blogged about the passing away of Dr. Nalini Ambady (see blog post here). I will digress a bit before I describe the second piece of news because the connection to… Continue Reading →

The ethics of virulent curriculum

With the rise of Richard Dawkin’s concept of “the selfish meme,” and the explosion of new viral cultural phenomena on the web (including Stand Alone Complexes a la Ghost in the Shell), many marketers are trying to take advantage of… Continue Reading →

Chris Sloan: Generating Authenticity

I’ve written before about my ongoing concern to get my students to appreciate the value of what’s taught in school, based on the work of the late Jere Brophy. Part of my solution is to meet the students where they are by… Continue Reading →

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