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Chris Sloan: Generating Authenticity

I’ve written before about my ongoing concern to get my students to appreciate the value of what’s taught in school, based on the work of the late Jere Brophy. Part of my solution is to meet the students where they are by… Continue Reading →

From Space to Place in Sychromodal Learning

Nothing dates faster than people’s fantasies about the future. This is what you get when perfectly decent, intelligent, and talented men start thinking in terms of space rather than place; and single rather than multiple meanings. – Robert Hughes, speaking… Continue Reading →

Spencer Greenhalgh on Style Guides and Managed Distraction

My copy of the APA Style Manual arrived in the mail last Friday, and I’ve already got my money’s worth from it. When I first ordered it, I grumbled a little at spending the $17.37, but when it came in the mail, I remembered… Continue Reading →

Days in the Life of a Ph.D. Student: Puppy Edition

A month ago, I started my fourth year in my program.  Having completed my coursework, practicum, and bulked up my CV a bit, all I have left are my comprehensive exam and dissertation.  Following that statement with that’s it would be an… Continue Reading →

Rohit Mehta Reviews Psychology 101 1/2

We continue our review of Ken Friedman’s “9 essential books for PhD students” with Rohit Mehta’s review of Psychology 101 1/2: The Unspoken Rules for Success in Academia by Robert Sternberg. [Note: This review was originally posted on Rohit’s blog on… Continue Reading →

Jon Good on “The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research”

Our own Punya Mishra wrote a few months back about Ken Friedman‘s “small library of nine valuable books that will help Ph.D. students do serious work—as well as helping supervisors do a solid job in supervising… These books can help… Continue Reading →

Dear Google, Are You Listening?

A poetic inquiry into the interactive effects of interface metaphor-switching Anders J. Aamodt The search box has become the most important element of the graphical user interface (GUI). Before Windows, the command-line interface was dominant, and with the rise of… Continue Reading →

How not to conduct research!

Note: This post has been edited somewhat to (a) clearly hide the url, which I had not done a good job of before; and (b) to add a few suggestions in the last paragraph for some strategies to make it easier… Continue Reading →

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