“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” by The Proclaimers

Does the journey ahead of you seem long as you begin a new academic year? Are you committed to seeing that journey through to the end? Would a Scottish accent make those first few steps easier to take? Well, you’re… Continue Reading →

Happy first day of school from Ideaplay!

Welcome to a brand new semester! Whether this is your first year or whether you’ve been in EPET longer than you’d like to remember, we hope that things get off to a great start for you! We also hope that… Continue Reading →

Contribute to [The Work Must Flow] in 5 minutes or less!

Happy first week of school! The semester doesn’t officially start until Wednesday, but Ideaplay is getting into the swing of things this week by adopting its regular publishing schedule. [The Work Must Flow], a feature on productivity, technology, and grad… Continue Reading →

Keeping up with the journal Joneses

Written by: Josh Rosenberg Primary Source: Keeping up with the journal Joneses Early in graduate school journals were very inaccessible to me. I did not know where to start, or what and how to read once I found one. Over… Continue Reading →

Carl Sagan, Contingency, & Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Written by: Liz Owens Boltz Primary Source: Carl Sagan, Contingency, & Choose-Your-Own Adventure Rewatching the original Cosmos series over the summer, this quote resonated with me: “Biology is more like history than it is like physics: you have to know… Continue Reading →

The Ideaplay Renaissance: Social Media

As Ideaplay continues to gear up for a new school year of exciting EPET-related posts, we’d like to remind you that you can keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook! As of today, our social media accounts boast a… Continue Reading →

Eating your veggies and reading your handbooks

Luke Rapa described in a 2012 ideaplay post some of the things research handbooks “do”: Articulate the history(ies) of our discipline, demonstrating the evolution of significant ideas and scholarship over time Highlight various, and often conflicting perspectives about issues that are central to our… Continue Reading →

MSU blogs worth reading

Our hope here at Ideaplay is that this blog will be one of your regular sources as you stay in touch with the world of EPET. There are, however, other great resources out there, and we wanted to use this… Continue Reading →

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