EPET advice: Succeeding in the program

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Dr. David Wong on succeeding in the program. Enjoy!

Your work in one word

One of the questions that we asked you at the beginning of the semester was to describe how you work in one word. In this post, we’d like to share some of the answers we got — do any of… Continue Reading →

“Pizza Day!,” by The Aquabats

Do you long for the simpler days of elementary and middle school? Do you ever wish that your life were more stable? Do you really look forward to free food at department meetings? Well, you’re in luck because the grad… Continue Reading →

The Game is On

Written by: Rohit Mehta Original source: The Game is On Part 1: The Realization “There is no way this is possible in 4 days,” I declared, pacing up and down the living room, “No way!” First, a series of gigantic… Continue Reading →

New opportunities!

This week, we wanted to take a brief break to remind you about the opportunities available to you for sharing your productivity and other work advice. First, we’d still love to hear from you! Grad students all struggle with making… Continue Reading →

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Queen

Do you sometimes wonder whether grad school is really real life or not? Did you not mean to make your mother cry with your decision to go to grad school? Is your mantra “carry on, carry on, nothing really matters”?… Continue Reading →

“Just about enough time”

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Charlie Belinsky on the right kind of student to make friends with. Enjoy!

Always have a book

This week’s productivity advice comes from Liz Owens Boltz, who gives us the following time-saving trick: Have a book (or e-book) with you at all times, so if you’re stuck waiting somewhere (doctor’s office, bus stop, etc.) you can catch… Continue Reading →

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