“Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop),” by Scatman John

Does other people’s research sometimes sound like a collection of nonsense syllables? Are you trying to turn your insecurities into strengths? Would you like some reassurance that “everybody stutters one way or the other”? Well, you’re in luck because the… Continue Reading →

Building a bridge

Written by: April Niemela Original source: Building a bridge I’ve been working on my dissertation proposal for too many months to count now. This is a common phenomenon and not worth commenting on. But what is of note is this:… Continue Reading →

What is this thing you call “the sun”?

This week, Amy Peterson tells us about her workspaces and her preference for natural light. I have two workspaces, and they are very different. They are similar in that I have dual monitors, a reading chair, and an ever-present water… Continue Reading →

“Big Bad World One,” by Jonathan Coulton

Does the world seem out to get you sometimes? Are conferences and grad school social events just awkward? Do you just have trouble relating to other people? Well, you’re in luck because the grad school song of the week is… Continue Reading →

Summer assistantships

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf on when we should be taking steps to secure an assistantship during the summer:

Computer of choice.

This week, we hear from a number of EPET students on what computers they use to work: Maybe you’ll see some familiar names! PC Desktop, Backup Laptop 1, Backup Laptop 2 Macbook Air My ASUS ultrabook (Windows 8) is my… Continue Reading →

“In Dreams,” by Howard Shore

Does grad school sometimes feel like an epic quest? Are there times, though, that “the cold of winter comes, starless night [covering] day”? Do you manage to hang on by remembering your dreams? Well, you’re in luck because the grad… Continue Reading →

#IPDX15 Interactive Closing Experience Reflection & How-To

Written by: Leigh Graves Wolf Original source: #IPDX15 Interactive Closing Experience Reflection & How-To This afternoon about 500 participants at the #iPDX15 conference collectively authored a book, in about 20 minutes. Here’s a quick behind the scenes peek into what… Continue Reading →

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