Academic contortions

This week, Amy Peterson shares with us the one word that best describes how she works: flexibly. We’ve all got a lot on our plates, and things rarely (if ever!) turn out exactly as planned, so we can all take… Continue Reading →

“Bitter Sweet Symphony,” by The Verve

Do you feel that, as a grad student, you’re “a slave to money”? Have you been locked into one vein of research and can’t “change [your] mold”? Is academia the “only road you’ve ever been down”? Well, you’re in luck… Continue Reading →

EPET at SITE 2015

Written by: Punya Mishra Original source: EPET at SITE 2015 The annual SITE conference is an fixture in my life in the spring semester. This year is no exception. What is interesting is the manner in which the EPET program… Continue Reading →

Avoid negativity

This week, Jon Good shares with us some of the best advice he’s received in grad school: avoid negativity and just focus on the work./blockquote> You can tell us what good advice you’ve received or share your other productivity tips… Continue Reading →

“Bed Bed Bed,” by They Might Be Giants

Have you “done so many things today there’s nothing left to do?” Is it “pointless staying up for even twenty seconds more?” Do you just really want to get under the covers and close your eyes? Well, you’re in luck… Continue Reading →

Online vs. face-to-face teaching

This week’s video from the EPET Milestones collection is some advice from Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf on the differences between online and face-to-face teaching:

Grad student sleep, parent sleep

This week, Ginny Hiltz gives us some advice for getting sleep however and whenever you can: Um, I have an almost 2-year old…I sleep whenever I can. I need at least 6 hours or I’m useless. I aim for 8… Continue Reading →

“White and Nerdy,” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Has going to grad school raised your levels of geekery through the roof? Does your research focus on social media? Are you concerned about a lack of diversity in academia? Well, you’re in luck because the grad school song of… Continue Reading →

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